Why Should One Have Hazelnuts Regularly

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Hazels are an excellent snack. They’re sweet and tasty. In addition to that, nuts have their health benefits. They offer you a lot of perks, and an adequate amount of them in your diet will certainly make it balanced. It helps in marinating a good lifestyle in terms of health. Besides that, it will increase sperm quality, reduce the weight or not increase, help with insulin resistance, decrease cholesterol, and improve skin as well. Having them regularly are beneficial.


Is it okay to have hazelnuts every day?

There have been various researches that concluded that if one is having hazelnuts every day, they will reap a lot of health benefits. It’s equally important to mention that this won’t increase the calories in your body as the nuts help to keep the weight in check. It will help you get all the perks of the nut when you add it to your diet and consume it every day.

Why are hazels good for you?

There is a lot of benefit of taking the hazels every day. The nut is full of health benefits. These include vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. It helps with insulin, decreases fats, maintains blood pressure, and also the blood sugar levels. It’s equally important to mention that many of the experts suggest that they be consumed in an adequate quantity so that one can reap the benefits, not over the course.

raw hazels

Raw or Roasted?

Simply put, roasted or raw hazels are a little comparable to each other. Given that the roasted hazels are sweeter, the raw has its benefits. In both cases, the nutrients and benefits are delivered. Roasted ones have high levels of thiamine and potassium while the latter have folate and vitamin C. There isn’t much difference between them. Furthermore, many of the experts suggest that one needs to have 20 hazels a day to cater to their health requirements and trigger the benefits.

Where else can they be used?

Though roasting the hazels is a common thing, but they can also be used in flours. It can add a delicious taste to cookies, cakes, or tarts. In addition to that, they are sed in seafood, pesto, and in many cases, pizza. There’s also a butter called Hazelnut butter.

Roasted Hazels

Roasted Hazels to eat, and raw to store:

If you’re looking for storage, then the best is to store the raw ones. They will stay the longest, and fresh. It’s equally important to mention that the chopped or peeled ones can’t be stored as the oil has been released. The exposure to oxygen will not allow the nuts to last longer.


Hazelnuts will not require special storage, but as long as the room is cold, that’s the only thing that will be needed. The shell will protect them. They can be placed in a refrigerator as well. Keep in mind that the temperature should be 55 F in a room. However, if you wish the hazelnut to keep its quality, then you must store them in a freezer, or the refrigerator.

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