Eat Hazelnuts

How To Eat Hazelnuts

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Hazelnuts make an excellent snack. It can be enjoyed raw, or roasted. However, the expert suggestion will be to have it roasted as the process can sweeten it. In addition to that, it has a lot of health benefits, like in matters of insulin as well as other aspects of health. Besides that, it helps you lower cholesterol and other kinds of damage to your health. Though the opinion of eating the hazels varies from person to person, it would be wise to say that it also depends on one taste. So, in this regard, to try the hazels roasted as well as non-roasted will be an exploration of the taste. On top of that, it will offer you a unique taste of everything you get ready to eat.


How is it used?

The fruit of hazel trees is consumed in a lot of forms. The most popular being the roasted ones. Having said that, it is also mixed with a lot of preparations like flours, cakes, or even pizzas. It is high in a lot of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and helps reduce weight as well. Adding the nut to your regular diet will be the best. The experts suggest adding the nuts to the diet and have them regularly to reap the benefits. In addition to that, you can peel the shell, and have it like that as well. As mentioned already, the nut tastes better when roasted as the oils are released, and it offers you a unique taste. You can use a nutcracker to break the shell or any other means.


How to remove:

The best way to remove the hazel shells is to clean them. You can then rub them, and in a matter of minutes, the shell will be done. Once you get the skins out, you can have the hazels. However, if you want to have them roasted, you can do that as well. Keep them on a cookie sheet, and get them at a 300 degrees temperature. This will take a little time, and then the nuts will be ready to be eaten. Make sure that you don’t overheat them. You can keep them for 20-25 minutes, or check for the color of the nuts. If they’re golden, then they’re ready to be eaten. Just remove the cookie sheet, and you can have them. It’s equally important to mention that you must let them cool, and use the oven mitts to avoid burning your hands.

uneaten hazelnuts


If you have uneaten hazelnuts, then keep them in a freezer bag. In addition to that, you must store the hazels in a cold room. The most preferred way to store the nuts is in the freezer. This way they will stay for 12 months. In the case of the cold room, you may witness a slight downgrade of the quality. So, to avoid that, you must use a freezer.


Hazelnuts can be added to foods or even pizzas. It can be roasted as well as taken raw. There are plenty of things that you can eat it with, and on top of that, it has some serious health benefits that you will not want to skip.

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