Hazel Nuts

Top Facts To Know About Hazel Nuts

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Hazelnuts aren’t just a quick snack, but there are a lot of health benefits of nuts. A regular intake of nuts will improve health in various aspects. However, at the same time, the diet needs to be balanced as well. Apart from that, the hazelnuts have some interesting history, and facts to share.

The inception of the term:

The term Hazelnut was first used by the English. This referred to the indigenous species of the fruit, however, the name took momentum later. The positive development in this regard came in 1981 when the Oregon Filbert Commission decided to adhere to the standard and continue with Hazelnut.




Hazelnuts trees can last long. The maximum it lasts is 80 years of age, and as long it’s standing, it will produce the nuts. So, in that manner, the trees are productive at best. It’s equally important to mention that hazelnut trees pollinate in the winter. The pollen is carried by the wind from the yellow catkins to the red flower. It will stay there until June, and then the nut will start to take its shape.


Hazelnuts have never run out of fashion. They are relished and preferred everywhere. Whatever form you consume them, they’re the best. In Ancient Rome, the plant symbolized happiness. It was a tradition to give the plant known as Corylus avellana. It’s equally important to mention that the nuts are used in cakes as well in form of flour. It has more than 14 species up to 18. However, each species of hazels nuts is edible.

Ancient processing:

In 1995, the excavation found an ancient hazelnut processing unit. This can be dated back to 9000 years ago. It was found on Colonsay Island in Scotland. The place was full of burnt hazel shells. This gives an idea of how the ancient people used the hazel in their time. It goes without saying that the snack has its share of lore. They are praised and appreciated for their benefits in various scriptures. In addition to that, the hazels can differ from place to place, and they’re found in various places like in Europe, Asia, and North America.


Hazels nuts are high. They can grow from 10 feet to 120 feet. This makes them one of the tallest plants. The plants are harvested in the autumn, however, the growers let the nuts drop on their own, and then pick them up. Besides that, some also use mechanical tools to get the hazels from the trees. Once the harvesting is done, they’re dried, and cleaning is done.

improve immunity


Hazels have various health benefits. It has minerals, vitamins, and fibers that will certainly help in marinating a good lifestyle. It helps in insulin resistance and maintaining a good weight. IT can balance cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, enhance the skin, improve immunity, and increase sperm count and quality.


Hazels are an excellent snack. They offer health benefits as well as taste. In addition to that, they can also protect the body against cell damage.

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